Alice Albinia
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A storm, a disappearance, a band of women and a remote island where anything is possible...

Fantastic - a wonderful book. With intelligence, wit and zest, Cwen's matriarchal dream ... offers a bold vision of an alternative future, teases at our deep past and subtly weaves together our environment and gender' - Lily Cole

A remarkable novel of female power and female potential...

On an unnamed archipelago off the east coast of Britain, the impossible has come to pass. Women control the civic institutions. Decide how the islands' money is spent. Run the businesses. Tend to their families. Teach the children hope for a better world. They say that this gynotopia is Eva Levi's life's work, and that now she has disappeared, it will be destroyed. But they don't know about Cwen.

Cwen has been here longer than the civilisation she has returned to haunt. The clouds are her children, and the waves. Her name has ancient roots, reaching down into the earth and halfway around the world. The islands she inhabits have always belonged to women. And she will do anything she can to protect them.

Author bio:

Alice Albinia is the prize-winning author of two books, Empires of the Indus and a novel, Leela's Book. RLF Fellow at King's College London, she has spent the past seven years travelling around the edges of Britain, from Orkney to Anglesey, piecing together ancient, medieval and modern tales of islands ruled by women, research that has inspired both this novel and a work of non-fiction, The Britannias, due to be published by Allen Lane in 2022.

Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9781788166614
Publisher: Profile Books
Imprint: Serpent's Tail
Pub Date: August 2022
Page Extent: 352
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Fiction & related items


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