Bully-Proof Kids

Stella O'Malley
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Bully-Proof Kids offers concrete strategies to empower children and teenagers to deal confidently with bullying and dominant characters.

We can't always be there to protect our kids as they make their way in the world. What we can do is equip them with the tools they need to ensure they have a positive social experience.

Based on many years' experience counselling bullies and targets, Stella 
O'Malley offers concrete strategies to empower children and teenagers to deal confidently with bullying and dominant characters.

She identifies effective ways for families to cope when bullying occurs, including 
approaching the school authorities, communicating with the bully's parents and tips to tackle cyberbullying.

Stella's common-sense approach will help your child, tween or teen to develop 
their emotional intelligence and will provide relief for families navigating the rapidly changing social environment, both online and in school.

Author bio:

Stella O'Malley is a psychotherapist, writer, public speaker and parent, with many years experience working as a mental health professional. Her three books, Cotton Wool KidsBully-Proof Kids and Fragile have all been bestsellers in Ireland. Born in Dublin, she now lives in County Offaly with her husband and two children.

Category: Education
ISBN: 9781800750616
Publisher: Swift Press
Imprint: Swift Press
Pub Date: May 2022
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Personal & social issues: bullying, violence & abuse (Children's / Teenage)