Where Are You Banana Free Audio Reading

Written by Sofie Laguna, illustrated by Craig Smith
Voice artistry by Erick Mitsak

Voice artistry by Sofie Laguna

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Roddy's dog, Banana, has disappeared! But when Roddy hears a wail from the drain, he finds an ingenious way to rescue his beloved pet.

'Banana! Where are you?'

Banana is Roddy's best friend and Roddy can't find him anywhere!

Who will sleep on his bed at night? Who will pull him along on his scooter and chase Aunt Celia's chickens and chew Mum's shoes?

Banana is Roddy's best friend, and Roddy knows he has to find him, no matter what.

From two much-loved creators comes a warm and humorous story about a boy, a dog, and an ingenious rescue that will delight the whole family.