Margaret Wild

Margaret Wild is one of Australia's most highly respected picture-book creators whose award-winning children's books are loved by children all over the world. Margaret has published over seventy picture books for young children and she has been the recipient of the Nan Chauncy Award and the Lady Cutler Award for her contributions to Australian children's literature. Her books are published around the world and have won numerous awards.

From Margaret
'[When I worked for a wage] my writing was done in snatches, or at night when I wasn't too tired. Once I turned to writing full-time I felt ready to attempt much longer books for older readers. In 2001 my first young adult novel, Jinx, was published.  It was a new challenge for me - all those words! - but I also had a feeling of freedom as I could write about subjects that are not suitable for younger readers. However, as I have a baby grandson, I am seeing the world through his eyes, so I am still enjoying writing books for the very young as well.

'I work at a desk in my bedroom, because from my window I can see two bridges, reflections in the bay, sparrows on the telephone line, and city buildings in the distance. I like having my bed so close-by - if I get stuck when I'm writing, I simply have a bit of a lie down, and somehow the problems sort themselves out. On the wall near my desk, I have one of Ron Brooks' beautiful, tender pictures from Rosie and Tortoise. I love looking at it, and it inspires me to keep on trying to write better.

'Although I mainly work on computer, I always carry a small notebook wherever I go. I jot down ideas, images, bits of stories. I hardly ever refer back to my notebooks, but writing things down helps to fix them in my memory.

'I feel very lucky to be a writer. As long as I have pen and paper, I can write anywhere, anytime - for me, it's the best job in the world.'

Books by Margaret Wild

Girl from the Sea

Published: May 2020

A poetic ghost story with stunning images from two of Australia's finest children's book creators.

Goodbye House, Hello House

Published: July 2019

A joyful story about moving house and embracing change from a much-loved, award-winning team.

The Sloth Who Came to Stay

Published: January 2019

This wryly amusing story is about a fast family who are taught to slow down when an adorable sloth comes to stay is by the award-winning author of Fox and This Little Piggy Went Dancing.

On the Day You Were Born

Published: August 2018

This beautiful picture book from the acclaimed partnership of Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks is a glorious celebration of family and new life.

Chalk Boy

Published: June 2018

A soulful and heartwarming story about what happens when a pavement artist's drawing comes to life.

First Day

Published: November 2017

An endearing picture book about six young children from diverse backgrounds on their first day at school.

Old Pig

Published: January 2017

A tender, poignant picture story about how to say goodbye. Celebrating twenty years of this treasured classic from two highly acclaimed picture book makers.

The Vanishing Moment

Published: August 2013

If you could live a different version of your life, would you take the chance? From the award-winning author Margaret Wild, this spellbinding story places two young women at the turning point in their lives, and each must choose to accept the life she has, or to leap into one she might yet live.

The Dream of the Thylacine

Published: April 2011

This arresting and beautiful picture book from Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks is a shimmering encounter with the Tasmanian tiger, a lament for a lost species, and a compelling evocation of the place of animals in Nature.

Ruby Roars

Published: June 2009

A noisy, exuberant story, ideal for young children and their parents to read (and ROAR) aloud together, by two of Australia's favourite picture-book makers.


Published: February 2004

This sophisticated, multi-award winning picture book goes to the heart of human relationships.

One Night

Published: June 2003

;A fearless novel - tough, tender and deeply moving - about the journey towards love and meaning in the lives of four young people struggling to find their place in complicated families and fragile communities. Margaret Wild's writing has the intensity and resonance of fine poetry, the ease and accessibility of good prose. For teenagers and adults.;


Published: October 2001

Jen is desperate for life to begin, but her first love relationships are so devastating that she believes she is jinxed.

Old Pig

Published: April 1998

A tender story of living and loving, giving and receiving: a glorious celebration of the world.

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