Georgina Walker

Georgina Walker is the celebrity psychic whose infectious laugh and larger-than-life charm have captured the world. Everyone from pop stars and film stars to sultans and kings, have sought her advice. She has appeared in numerous national and local television programs, as well as on radio and in the print media. She inherited her gift from her mother and grandmother, both of whom are clairvoyant. Known in Asia as "the direct Australian" she is not backward in coming forward!

Have you ever had any terrifying experiences when contacting the dead?

Once, my body was pushed back over a chair and I received a message which I automatically began to write on a typewriter as if dictated from the deceased- quite out of my own control. While at Maitland Gaol I was attacked by a spirit. Another time I almost choked on live radio when a spirit of someone who has drowned came through.

Have you ever had to reveal to the deceased loved one a shocking revelation?

I once had to reveal that a client's son had committed suicide, and was not murdered. Another couple's son was secretly gay, which was the reason for his suicide. In another reading I discovered that the fire that destroyed the client's house was not from an electrical fault, but had been deliberately lit.

Have you ever had an unhappy clients?

Sometimes clients become angry when they don't like what they are told, but weeks later rings or emails to apologise and say I told them the truth. I once even had a client who bombarded me with hate mail...

What celebrities or well known people have you read?

While I can't reveal private readings - I have publically read for John Travolta, Emma Bunton of Spice Girls; David Duchovny; Geri Halliwell; Nicky Hilton; Antonia Kidman; Vanessa Amorosi; Marcia Hines, Mark Holden, Kyle Sandilands, Jackie O; Stan Zemanek, Eddie McGuire, Sam Newman and Susie Elelman among others.


Books by Georgina Walker

Messages from Spirit

Published: May 2013

Celebrity Psychic to the stars, Georgina Walker shares real life stories from beyond the grave, explores deja-vu and out-of-body experiences, and reveals how listening to your intuition can save your life.

Amazing Encounters with Those Who Have Passed Over

Published: April 2009

A heart-warming book of encounters with loved ones who have passed over - amazing synchronicities; unexpected moments of magic in amongst the grief; guidance by departed loved ones - each story contains an insight, which explains a little more about the spirit world, revealing how those who have passed on continue to take an interest in our lives.

Dearly Departed

Published: April 2008

What happens to those we love when they die? Where do they go? And can they communicate beyond the grave? High profile psychic Georgina Walker answers the many questions we ask when a loved one dies.

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