Fred Watson

Professor Fred Watson is astronomer in charge of the Anglo-Australian Observatory at Coonabarabran and is a regular broadcaster on ABC radio. In 2003, Fred received the David Allen Prize for communicating astronomy to the public, and in 2006 was the winner of the Australian Government Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Science. Fred has an asteroid named after him but says that if it hits the Earth it won't be his fault...


Books by Fred Watson

Star-Craving Mad

Published: February 2013

A journey through time and space with Australia's best known astronomer, Fred Watson

Why Is Uranus Upside Down?

Published: October 2007

A highly entertaining and informative introduction to our planet and the universe we live in.


Published: October 2007

An anecdotal history of the development of the optical telescope and the people involved, culminating in the author's predictions for future developments.

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