Marianne van Velzen

Marianne van Velzen was born in The Netherlands in 1953 and emigrated to Australia in the mid-1950s. She migrated back to The Netherlands when she was in her teens. After having worked at various jobs she becomes a journalist and later an editor for one of the prominent Dutch publishers, Wegener Press. She has worked in radio and TV. She has a life-long interest in Australia. She was involved in the research for The Diamond Dakota Mystery, published by A&U in 2006. In that year she was also involved in the celebration of the 400 years of bilateral relationships between the Dutch and Australia. In 2007 she worked briefly as a freelance field producer for ABC television for the TV series: Can We Help? In the Netherlands she has translated a number of plays into English.

Books by Marianne van Velzen

Shot Down

Published: July 2019

The first full telling of what happened to MH17 and the stories of those who were killed on that tragic day.

Bomber Boys

Published: July 2018

The unknown story of a unique RAAF squadron, its men and its mission to halt the Japanese advance in the Pacific

Missing in Action

Published: May 2018

Poor leadership, mismanagement, quarrels, distrust and accusations of hoaxing ... this is the story of what happened after the guns were laid down and Australians tried to find their war dead.

Call of the Outback

Published: February 2017

The incredible life story of the original nomadic writer, Ernestine Hill.

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