Jenny Valentish

Jenny Valentish grew up in an unlovely satellite town of London, where she learned the art of escapism through music. At sixteen she started interviewing musicians and has done so ever since for a variety of magazines and newspapers, becoming editor of Triple J magazine and now Time Out Melbourne. She has also been in a bunch of bands herself, but you wouldn't have heard of them.

Books by Jenny Valentish

Cherry Bomb

Published: June 2014

Nina Dall is one half of Sydney pop-punk band The Dolls. Have they got what it takes to stay on top or are they just a one hit wonder? Told through the eyes of a young singer who's seen it all, this is celebrated rock journalist Jenny Valentish's debut novel - a wild ride into Australia's music scene.

Your Mother Would Be Proud

Published: July 2009

The famous, the infamous and a few odd bods you've never heard of, share their outrageous, shocking, hilarious and all too true confessions of the stupidest and most disastrously embarassing times of their lives.

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