Greg Sheridan

Greg Sheridan is Foreign Editor of The Australian, and a highly regarded journalist. He is active across radio and television, as well as print.

Books by Greg Sheridan


Published: August 2021

Passionate and compelling, Greg Sheridan, bestselling author of God is Good For You, examines the role of Christianity in our modern world.

God is Good for You

Published: July 2018

At a time of crisis for Christianity in the West, God is Good for You shows just why we need faith in our world.

When We Were Young and Foolish

Published: July 2015

An extraordinary look at the formative years of some of our most prominent and influential politicians.

Cities of the Hot Zone

Published: November 2003

With great warmth and insight, Greg Sheridan takes us on a very personal journey to six Asian cities that have intrigued, surprised, repelled and charmed him.

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