Paul McGeough

Paul McGeough is the author of In Baghdad - A Reporter's War and of Manhattan to Baghdad: Despatches from the Frontline in the War on Terror. McGeough's many domestic and international journalism awards attest to his position as Australia's most prominent foreign correspondent - he has twice been named Australian Journalist of the Year and in 2002 his reporting from Afghanistan was acknowledged by the awarding of a Johns Hopkins University-based SAIS Novartis prize for excellence in international journalism.

Books by Paul McGeough

Infernal Triangle

Published: May 2011

Writing on recent events in the Middle East from Australia's best known foreign correspondent - including the devastating Gaza Flotilla incident.

Kill Khalid

Published: March 2009

The incredible true story of the attempted assassination of Palestinian, Khalid Mishal.

In Baghdad

Published: June 2003

A classic, engrossing war correspondent's story by the only Australian journalist who was in Baghdad for the duration of the war.

Manhattan to Baghdad

Published: February 2003

From the trenches in Afghanistan to the Occupied Territories, Israel to Baghdad and beyond, this is a poignant account from one of Australia's most respected foreign correspondents, of the international fallout from September 11 and informative meditation on what our future holds.

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