Gary McKay

Gary McKay served as a rifle platoon commander in Vietnam and was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry. His time in Vietnam was the basis for many of his best-selling books including In Good Company: One Man's War in Vietnam, Bullets, Beans and Bandages, Delta Four and his book with Bob Buick All Guts & No Glory. After 30 years military service, Gary retired from the army. He lives in Jervis Bay, NSW and currently works as a freelance historian and non-fiction writer.

Books by Gary McKay


Published: July 2013

Take a journey back to the front line with two Australian veterans as they retrace the footsteps of soldiers and politicians, villagers and the enemy in a meticulously researched new history of the Vietnam War.

With Healing Hands

Published: August 2009

Over 450 Australian civilian professionals volunteered and went to Viet Nam during the war to help the civilian population. This is their story.

Going Back

Published: November 2007

Gary McKay returns to Viet Nam with a group of other veterans to record their reactions when confronted by the past - and their former enemy.

On Patrol with the SAS

Published: August 2007

Experience what it was really like on patrol with Australian SAS in the jungles of Borneo and Viet Nam.

The Men Who Persevered

Published: September 2005

A history of the Australian Army Training Team in Vietnam, as told through the personal recollections of the men who served in the Team from 1962-1972.


Published: December 2004

The extraordinary story of the cyclone that destroyed Darwin on Christmas Eve 1974 - in the words the people who survived.

Australia's Battlefields in Viet Nam

Published: October 2003

A traveller's guide to the Australian battlefields and cemeteries in Vietnam written for people actually holidaying in Vietnam as well as the wannabes who think they might go to Vietnam.


Published: February 2002

A behind-the-scenes look at the dangerous world of firefighting.

Jungle Tracks

Published: April 2001

A brutally honest account of Australian armour crewmen in action in Vietnam.

All Guts and No Glory

Published: June 2000

The climax of this book is an account of the Battle of Long Tan, which is told here by the most senior ranking Australian soldier to survive the battle.

Bullets, Beans and Bandages

Published: November 1999

A collection of stories from the Australians who served in the many units and organisations that fought with and supported the infantrymen in Viet Nam.

In Good Company

Published: September 1998

An enthralling account of an Australian infantryman and his companions in the Vietnam War.

Delta Four

Published: September 1998

This book tells the story of one of the last groups of Australian riflemen who served in the Vietnam War.

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