Chris McKimmie

Chris McKimmie is a CBCA-shortlisted writer, illustrator and artist. He was for many years the convenor and originator of the illustration program at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. He wrote, illustrated and designed a series of 8 children's books in the 70s, and has designed many book covers. Represented in the Graphis Annual, he has worked as a graphic designer and publictions designer for the ABC, the National Parks and Wildlife Services and the University of WA Press. He was production designer for the award-winning short film Stations and the feature-length film Australian Dream, and wrote the lyrics for the songs in both films.

Books by Chris McKimmie

Brian Banana Duck Sunshine Yellow

Published: November 2018

A wonderfully quirky picture book about a child's search for identity and the need to belong - and a glorious celebration of the colour yellow.

Me, Teddy

Published: February 2016

Exuberant and warm, this hugely appealing book stars the author's much-loved black labrador.

Lara of Newtown

Published: June 2015

A funny and heart-warming story about a cat finding a home from a uniquely talented and multi-award-winning author.

Crikey and Cat

Published: July 2014

If the stars were blown out of the sky by a storm, what would you do? A beautiful new picture book from the amazing, three-time CBC-shortlisted author Chris McKimmie.

Scarlett and the Scratchy Moon

Published: May 2013

A unique and beautiful picture book about a child's love for her pet dogs from the one and only Chris McKimmie.

Alex and the Watermelon Boat

Published: June 2012

A brilliant picture book inspired by the Brisbane floods, from the one and only Chris McKimmie.

Good Morning Mr Pancakes

Published: July 2011

An exuberant picture book from a unique talent featuring a girl who loves animals and a memorable holiday on Bee Island.

Two Peas in a Pod

Published: May 2010

Marvin and Violet have been friends since they were babies. They are like two peas in a pod. But then Violet moves away. With a unique Australian flavour, this story of friendship is both tender and truthful.

Special Kev

Published: August 2008

From a unique and brilliant imagination comes the story of Special Kev and his eleventy million cousins. All great children's literature has some element of danger and mischief, and this new story takes you right to the heart of what it is to be a child.

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