Peter Leonard

Peter Leonard lives in Birmingham, Michigan, with his wife and four children. He is a partner in the advertising agency: Leonard, Mayer& Tocco, Inc.

Fellow crime author Stav Sherez says 'The best crime novels often deal with the intersection of private lives and public events. Leonard's two Levin novels are a testament to the versatility of crime fiction, its ability to entertain and thrill us, to unspool the past and place history squarely in the crosshairs.' - read more


Books by Peter Leonard

Back from the Dead

Published: January 2014

The follow-up to the acclaimed Voices of the Dead from one of America's most exciting new crime writers.

Voices of the Dead

Published: October 2012

First of a brilliant two-part series leading from 70s Detroit to 40s Nazi Germany from a new master of crime writing.

All He Saw Was The Girl

Published: January 2012

The latest brilliantly plotted novel from Peter Leonard - full of Mafia revenge, double-crosses, car chases and shoot-outs, with an evocative Roman setting.

Trust Me

Published: April 2010

An explosive noir thriller full of shady hit men, double-crosses, car chases and shoot-outs.


Published: April 2009

Thrilling and filmic, powerful and compassionate, Quiver marks the debut of an outstanding new voice in contemporary crime fiction.

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