Jonathan King

After a lifetime bringing history to life through re-enactments, books and films, award-winning Sydney historian and author of 30 books Dr Jonathan King is well placed to present Great Disasters in Australian History, a companion to his bestselling Great Moments in Australian History and Great Battles in Australian History. Dr King's work as a journalist and his experience of live events means he has experienced disasters first-hand. He sailed as part of the First Fleet Expedition of eleven tall ships from London to Sydney for Australia's bicentenary celebrations in 1988; re-enacted the voyage of Columbus to America, Banjo Paterson's 'Waltzing Matilda' and 'Man from Snowy River', the biblical nativity journey of Mary and Joseph through the Holy Land, and Matthew Flinders' circumnavigation of Australia. He is leading battlefield tours to Gallipoli and the Western Front for the centenary of World War I. He is married with children and grandchildren.

Books by Jonathan King

Great Disasters in Australian History

Published: November 2013

From the sinking of the Waratah to the West Gate Bridge collapse to the Granville train disaster to the Black Saturday bushfires, here are twenty-three peacetime disasters that changed Australia forever.

Great Battles in Australian History

Published: November 2011

From battle on the high seas in the 18th century, to the peace-keeping forces in the 21st century, award-winning author Dr Jonathan King describes the battles that have had the greatest influence on Australian history.

Great Moments in Australian History

Published: November 2009

From the early Dutch explorers to the gold rushes, Federation to the wars of the last century and the Victorian bushfires of recent times this magnificently illustrated volume details sixty-five of the most defining events in Australia's history.

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