Bernard Keane

Bernard Keane has been Crikey's correspondent and politics editor in Canberra since 2008, writing on politics, media and economics. He was educated at the University of Sydney, where he studied history and failed to meet Helen Razer, who was there at the same time. Before joining Crikey he was a policy adviser and speechwriter in transport and communications. He is the author of the ebook War on the Internet and an incessant torrent of analysis, reportage and commentary on politics and public policy for Crikey.

Books by Bernard Keane

The Mess We're In

Published: July 2018

Crikey correspondent Bernard Keane explains capitalism, identity and Why Everything Is Awful

A Short History of Stupid

Published: November 2016

Alain de Botton meets Russell Brand in this glorious rant about everything that drives you mad about the modern world.


Published: July 2015

They are watching you. Every move you make. Gripping fiction with an edge of terrifying truth - a brilliant and timely debut novel.

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