Catherine Jinks

Catherine Jinks was born in Brisbane in 1963 and grew up in Sydney and Papua New Guinea. She studied medieval history at university and her love of reading led her to become a writer. Her books for children, teenagers and adults have been published to wide acclaim all over the world, and have won numerous awards. Catherine's most recent titles include the City of Orphans series the bestselling Evil Genius series and her paranormal spoofs, The Reformed Vampire Support Group and The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group. Catherine lives in the Blue Mountains in NSW with her husband, journalist Peter Dockrill, and their daughter Hannah.

When did you start writing?
'I started when I was about eight years old. My first 'book' was a picture book called I Want to be a Jungle Girl. I sent my first 'novel' to a publisher when I was twelve (it was turned down, needless to say).'

What was the biggest inspiration for you to become a writer?
'Probably my mother. She always had her head in a book, and she was always reading to my brothers and me while we ate dinner. She's a very imaginative, creative person who encouraged us to read - and if you like reading books, you generally end up wanting to write them.'

What was your favourite book as a child?
'I didn't have a favourite book as a child. I liked the Narnia books, The Nargun and the Stars by Patricia Wrightson, Josh by Ivan Southall, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie... lots of books.'

What is your proudest moment?
'I don't know. I suppose I was proud of winning the Victorian Premier's Award, or the CBC award twice in a row, but I have to confess I felt prouder when I cooked my first lamb roast. It's hard to say.'

What are the best and worst things about being a writer?
'The best thing is making money out of something that's so much fun. The worst thing is editing. Once I've finished a book, I want it to go away and never come back - but it does, again and again. I hate that.'

Where do you do your writing?
'At a nice, antique desk beside a window at the front of my house, from which point I can see all the tradesmen, visitors etc coming and going. It's distracting but I can't afford to miss the arrival of a plumber, when we need one.'

Did you enjoy school and what was your favourite subject?
'I didn't enjoy primary school much because my family moved around all the time. I enjoyed high school because I made some really, really good friends there. I liked English when it was all about writing stories and putting on plays, but when we started concentrating on essays for exams in the last two years, I lost my fondness for it. Art I always enjoyed, as long as we weren't doing pots or macramé.'

Books by Catherine Jinks

Saving Thanehaven

Published: February 2014

A genuinely exciting action-adventure quest, set in a virtual world.

A Very Singular Guild

Published: January 2014

This final gripping book in the action-packed 'City of Orphans' series captures the end of an era, when magic and folklore gives way to technology in Victorian England. Ned draws on every ounce of his logic and reason to outwit the last of the terrifying bogles.

A Very Peculiar Plague

Published: June 2013

The thrilling second book in a 3-part adventure series, set in a time when science clashes with superstition and monsters lurk in chimneys. Jem takes on the role of bogler's apprentice and gets the fright of his life.

A Very Unusual Pursuit: City of Orphans

Published: January 2013

A clever adventure with feisty characters, set in a time where science clashes with superstition and monsters lurk in chimneys. Birdie, the singing bogler's apprentice, will win your heart in this fantastic beginning to an action-packed series.

The Paradise Trap

Published: July 2011

An exuberant, roller-coaster family adventure with a mad-cap cast of all-too-believable characters experiencing their dream holidays and worst nightmares.

The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group

Published: October 2010

The brilliant companion to The Reformed Vampire Support Group follows the trials and adventures of Toby, whose life changes after he is found in a dingo pen with no memory of the night before.

The Reformed Vampire Support Group

Published: March 2010

Wickedly witty, this alternative vampire story combines humour, romance and mystery with fast-paced action.

Genius Wars

Published: November 2009

Will Cadel be able to track down Prosper English before any more of his friends and family are hurt? Sinister, scary and satisfying, this is the conclusion to the thrilling, high-tech trilogy that began with Evil Genius and continued with Genius Squad.

The Dark Mountain

Published: June 2008

Based on a true story this is a compelling and intriguing family saga - a novel of closely guarded family secrets, public shame and private passion.

Genius Squad

Published: March 2008

Sometimes, when it comes to fighting Evil, one genius just isn't enough. This is the second book in the thrilling, high-tech trilogy about Cadel Piggott, which began with Evil Genius and concludes with Genius Wars.

Pagan's Crusade

Published: July 2007

Pagan's Crusade is the first of five books in the Pagan Chronicles.

'Humour, romance, adventure, violence - who would have thought Medieval Jerusalem could be so much fun?'- Lili Wilkinson, Centre for Youth Literature

Pagan in Exile

Published: July 2007

Pagan in Exile is the second of five books in the action-packed medieval saga of the savvy and sarcastic Pagan Kidrouk. 'Pagan is a real, live boy who leaps off the page and compels you to listen to his story.' - Kirsty Murray;

Pagan's Vows

Published: July 2007

Pagan's Vows is an engrossing, marvellously written medieval thriller, a brilliant sequel to Pagan's Crusade and Pagan in Exile. 'The Pagan Chronicles are a kind of medieval version of Tin Tin.told with a delightfully slapstick, cinematographic vigour.' - Ursula Dubosarsky;

Pagan's Scribe

Published: July 2007

Pagan's Scribe, the fourth novel in the brilliant Pagan Chronicles, is an engrossing story played out during one of the most brutal religious wars in history. 'Brimming with wit and fascinating details of medieval history.this emotionally satisfying epic brings the Middle Ages to life.' - The Horn Book

Pagan's Daughter

Published: July 2007

The award-winning Pagan Chronicles are international bestsellers. And the action-packed epic continues with the adventures of Babylonne - as feisty, funny and irresistible as her famous father. 'The quality and pace of Jinks's writing is flawless . . . a triumph.'- Sydney Morning Herald

Living Hell

Published: May 2007

A gripping, sci-fi thriller about a spaceship which transforms into a living organism after flying through a radiation field, and then begins to turn on the human crew as if they are parasites.


Published: January 2007

A spooky paranormal mystery for Allie's Ghost Hunters to solve, involving mysterious handwriting that keeps appearing on the bedroom walls, and a young girl who died tragically many years before.


Published: January 2007

The third deliciously spooky paranormal mystery for Allie's Ghost Hunters to solve, this time involving a lost child, a seance, and a girl who just can't stop eating.


Published: January 2007

A second deliciously spooky paranormal mystery for Allie's Ghost Hunters to solve, set during a school camp at Hill End, where Allie and her friends try to sort the real ghosts from the fakes.


Published: January 2007

Another deliciously spooky paranormal mystery for Allie's Ghost Hunters to solve, this time at the Jenolan Caves, where something is on the trail of Allie and her family .

The Secret Familiar

Published: November 2006

Beautifully crafted historical fiction set in medieval France, The Secret Familiar is a page-turning murder mystery and a fascinating moral tale of betrayal, faith and ultimate truth.

Evil Genius

Published: April 2005

With a plot that twists and turns and super-villains in training, this is the first dark, thrilling and high-tech book about Cadel Piggott. The series concludes with Genius Squad and Genius Wars.

The Road

Published: October 2004

The road to Broken Hill has never been so scary: a compulsive read from one of Australia's finest writers.

The Gentleman's Garden

Published: November 2003

With romance, hardship and the strength of the human spirit, bestselling author Catherine Jinks tells the absorbing story of Dorothea Brande who, in 1814, accompanies her soldier husband to the brutal colony of Sydney, Australia. ;

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