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Xavier Herbert was one of Australia's leading writers. In 1938 he published his award-winning first novel Capricornia. Herbert's next major work of fiction, Soldiers' Women, was published in 1962. A collection of short stories, Larger Than Life, and Disturbing Element, an autobiography, were both published in 1963. He is perhaps best remembered for his Miles Franklin-winning book Poor Fellow My Country. Published in 1975, this magnificent epic deals with themes of illegitimacy, Australia's postcolonial beginnings and its relationship to Britain, and the terrible treatment and exploitation of the indigenous population.

Known for his insight into, and articulation of, a particularly Australian experience Herbert's writing encompasses complex psychological, historical, social and racial landscapes. He died in 1984.

Books by Xavier Herbert

Larger Than Life

Published: November 2012

A masterly and compelling collection of tales about Australia's North from one of the country's literary legends.

Soldiers' Women

Published: August 2012

Xavier Herbert's study of women liberated by the absence or relative scarcity of men during World War II.

Disturbing Element

Published: June 2012

Often comic, often tragic, Disturbing Element is the story of an Australian literary legend written in his own classic style.

Seven Emus

Published: June 2012

Bronco Jones, part-Aboriginal owner of Emu Station in the north of Western Australia, struggles against the machinations of a businessman and an anthropologist in this satirical portrait of anthropological exploitation of Aboriginal sacred sites.

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