Nick Earls

Nick Earls is the author of fourteen books, including the bestselling novels Zigzag Street and Bachelor Kisses, Headgames, a collection of short stories, and several novels for young adults, including After January and 48 Shades of Brown, which won the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award for older readers in 2000.

His work has been published internationally in English and in translation, as well as being successfully adapted for film and theatre. He worked as a suburban GP and medical editor before turning to writing. Nick Earls lives in Brisbane.

Books by Nick Earls


Published: December 2012

Green charts the friendship of unlikely duo Phil Harris and Frank Green from their early med school days in 1981 to the present day, incorporating all the short stories and the novel World of Chickens.

Making Laws for Clouds

Published: August 2012

A brilliant, sometimes hilarious, sometimes painful, insight into how complicated being 18 really is.

The Thompson Gunner

Published: July 2012

A gripping tale of a woman caught between two worlds, The Thompson Gunner is a compelling novel of self-discovery that will intrigue, surprise and linger well after the last page.

Perfect Skin

Published: June 2012

Perfect Skin is a witty, moving and highly original snapshot of what it is to be thirysomething in a post-Duran Duran world.

Monica Bloom

Published: June 2012

Step back into the 1980s, complete with cask wine, Bryan Ferry and the Bonanza Steakhouse.

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