Jim Eames

Jim Eames is author of The Country Undertaker and Six Feet Under or Up in Smoke. He was one of Australia's first aviation writers, and former press secretary to the Minister for Aviation and former Director of Public Affairs for Qantas.

Books by Jim Eames

Red Tail Skies

Published: November 2021

Heroic, hilarious and sometimes just plain weird . . . Jim Eames shares great Qantas stories from World War II to the age of the jumbo and beyond.

Courage in the Skies

Published: February 2019

This is the extraordinary and little known story of Qantas' significant role during World War II, particularly in its campaigns against the Japanese.

The Flying Kangaroo

Published: January 2018

Brings to full and rich life the extraordinary characters, events and challenges that have made Qantas an Australian icon.

Taking to the Skies

Published: May 2015

Great yarns of Australian aviation from a man who lives and breathes flying.

Six Feet Under or Up in Smoke

Published: October 2009

From bush undertakers to ladies in white, this is a fascinating, yarn-filled and sometimes poignant look at how Australians experience the 'last great event'.

The Country Undertaker

Published: July 2005

With all the charm of James Herriot, Hamish Macbeth, Balllykissangel and Heartbeat, this is a glorious Australian bush yarn to make you laugh and to make you cry.

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