Tom Denniss

Tom Denniss works for Oceanlinx, a company he founded in 1997. The company has developed a technology to convert the energy in ocean waves into electricity. The technology has recently reached cost-competitiveness with other forms of renewable energy, and the company's first fully commercial wave energy plant is expected to be operating by late 2013. Tom Denniss has a PhD in Mathematics and Oceanography, as well as a First Class Honours degree in Science and a degree in Mathematics. Besides his employment at Oceanlinx, he has worked as a high school teacher, a university lecturer, and an investment banker. Tom is also a former professional musician, having played to audiences in eight different countries, a former professional rugby league player, and an amateur artist.

Books by Tom Denniss

The World At My Feet

Published: June 2015

The truly remarkable story of Tom Denniss' record-breaking circumnavigation of the world on foot.

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