Stephanie Dowrick

Stephanie Dowrick, PhD, has the rare distinction of writing critically acclaimed, much-loved best sellers. Her books include Choosing Happiness, Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love, Creative Journal Writing, The Universal Heart, In the Company of Rilke, Seeking the Sacred, The Almost-Perfect Marriage and Everyday Kindness. Her most recent books are The Moon Shines Out of the Dark, a picture book for children illustrated by Anne Spudvilas, and the highly-praised Heaven on Earth: Timeless Prayers of Wisdom and Love.

Formerly a publisher (and founder of The Women’s Press, London), and also a trained psychotherapist, Stephanie Dowrick writes and teaches on some of the most significant issues of our time. Her particular gift is anticipating readers' 'big questions' and writing about them in ways that are encouraging and transformative. She also writes widely in the Australian media. She was Inner Life columnist for Good Weekend Magazine 2001-2010, and has been a frequent guest on ABC Radio for many years. She was ordained in 2005 as an Interfaith Minister, is an Adjunct Fellow at the University of Western Sydney, co-hosts the Universal Heart Book Club, is active on social media, and is a highly-regarded speaker and workshop leader in Australia and New Zealand. Since 2006 she has led popular, spiritually inclusive services at Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney. Stephanie also teaches courses at the Faber Writing Academy.

Books by Stephanie Dowrick

Intimacy and Solitude

Published: January 2021

Social distancing under COVID has thrown us more deeply into our intimate relationships, and kept us achingly apart from family, friends and others. Stephanie Dowrick's classic Intimacy and Solitude is the wise guide we need to help us find our personal ground, whatever challenges we face.

Heaven on Earth

Published: June 2014

A collection of sublime prayers and teachings from a variety of traditions; an inclusive 'How To' book on achieving spiritual joy and peace

Seeking the Sacred

Published: January 2014

An inclusive and open exploration of our connection with something greater than ourselves and our search for the spiritual - a provocative and accessible read for those making up their own minds about God, faith, spirituality, and the nature of belief in 21st-century life.

The Moon Shines Out of the Dark

Published: October 2012

A tender story about a boy who draws strength from the moon as he misses his mother one long, cold night.

The Universal Heart

Published: May 2012

Stephanie Dowrick shows how you can make lasting change from within to create positive and loving relationships with family, friends, children and colleagues using simple and fail-safe golden 'rules'.

Everyday Kindness

Published: December 2011

Bestselling author of Choosing Happiness shows how to tackle the pressures of the modern world, providing the insights, reassurance and means to worry far less and enjoy our lives more.

Forgiveness & Other Acts of Love

Published: February 2010

Stephanie Dowrick's most loved best-seller reexamines the six great humane virtues - courage, fidelity, restraint, generosity, tolerance and forgiveness virtues - that can literally transform the way we see ourselves and other.

In the Company of Rilke

Published: December 2009

Stephanie Dowrick invites us into the transcendent and piercingly beautiful world of the much-loved early 20th century European poet, Rainer Maria Rilke and reveals how through his poetry we can connect with our inner life.

The Almost Perfect Marriage

Published: October 2007

Australia's foremost self-help author shares her wisdom on marriage and how people can achieve an 'almost perfect' relationship. Get your relationship right and you're on your way to happiness.

Creative Journal Writing

Published: April 2007

The definitive guide to keeping a journal as spiritual practice and for personal growth.

Choosing Happiness

Published: October 2006

Australia's foremost self-help author gathers her wisdom into a comprehensive volume for today's time-poor readers - a modern-day bible of personal and social development.

Free Thinking

Published: December 2004

Personal writings from a much loved author on leading an emotionally and spiritually fulfilling life.

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