Michael Duffy

Michael Duffy has worked for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sun Herald as a reporter of crime and other urban issues. He has written two true crime books and the novels The Tower, about crime and globalisation, and The Simple Death, about voluntary euthanasia and the law. His latest book is Drive By.

Books by Michael Duffy

Drive By

Published: July 2014

A searing, revealing, white-knuckle ride into the heart of a crime family straight out of tomorrow's headlines.


Published: July 2014

A revealing, insiders look into the Tuno taskforce and the investigation into the brutal murder of drug manufacturer and police informant Terry Falconer - read the full story of the Perish crime bosses, their violent associates and the biggest murder inquiry in Australian history.

Call Me Cruel

Published: January 2013

A searing portrait of an unusually cruel killer and the devastating impact of his crime and manipulations on the family of the victim, Kylie Labouchardiere, his own wife and child, and an innocent policeman and his wife.

The Tower

Published: March 2011

A gripping, fast-paced crime novel by an investigative journalist who knows where the bodies are buried in Sydney, the City of Sharks.

The Simple Death

Published: February 2011

A man falls off a ferry and dies and an elderly lady dies after a long painful illness - could the two deaths be linked? Are they mercy killings or is Detective Nicholas Troy on the trail of a serial killer? A smart, sophisticated, hugely entertaining mystery, with a plot ripped straight out of tomorrow's headlines.

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