Peter Corris

Peter Corris has been writing his bestselling Cliff Hardy detective stories for thirty years. He has been the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Crime Writers Association of Australia, along with the 2009 Ned Kelly Award for Best Fiction. He's written many other books, including a very successful 'as-told-to' autobiography of Fred Hollows, and a collection of short stories about golf. Peter passed away in August 2018 and is survived by his wife Jean Bedford, their three daughters and seven grandchildren.

Books by Peter Corris

See You at the Toxteth

Published: August 2019

A selection of stories featuring Australia's favourite PI, plus unpublished writing by Peter Corris on crime.

Win, Lose or Draw

Published: November 2017

A missing teenager, drugs, yachts, the sex trade and a cold trail that leads from Sydney to Norfolk Island, Byron Bay and Coolangatta. Can Cliff Hardy find out what's really going on?

That Empty Feeling

Published: November 2016

An unexpected obituary takes Cliff Hardy on a trip down memory lane to a case he's been trying to forget for twenty years: oil, fraud, boxing, racing - and murder.

Gun Control

Published: November 2015

In the fortieth Cliff Hardy book, Hardy plays a cool hand as a decades-old crime resurfaces and old scores are settled.

Silent Kill

Published: November 2014

Politics, murder and sex push Hardy to the limit.


Published: November 2014

How does a simple car accident suddenly become a murder?

Wet Graves

Published: November 2014

Hardy's thirteenth case leads him back fifty years to the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Published: November 2014

An earthquake in Newcastle leads Hardy to his fourteenth case.

Beware of the Dog

Published: November 2014

Burn, and Other Stories

Published: November 2014

The Black Prince

Published: November 2014

Sex, sport and steroids - an explosive mix for Hardy's 22nd case.

Matrimonial Causes

Published: November 2014

The story of Cliff Hardy's very first case.

Make Me Rich

Published: November 2014


Published: November 2014

The Washington Club

Published: November 2014

Forget Me If You Can

Published: November 2014

The Other Side of Sorrow

Published: November 2014


Published: November 2014

The Reward

Published: November 2014

Salt and Blood

Published: November 2014

White Meat

Published: November 2014

The Marvellous Boy

Published: November 2014

Man in the Shadows

Published: November 2014

The Big Drop

Published: November 2014

The Dunbar Case

Published: November 2013

Private Investigator Cliff Hardy's 39th case sees him leaving the mean streets of Sydney for Newcastle, investigating what a famous 19th century shipwreck has to do with a multi-million dollar heist with a cast of characters that shouldn't be trusted.


Published: December 2012

Australia's best-known private investigator, Cliff Hardy, might have his licence back but does he still have what it takes to cut it as a PI on its seedy streets?

Follow the Money

Published: December 2011

Battle-scarred but indefatigable PI, Cliff Hardy has lost all his dough to an unscrupulous financial advisor. He's got to follow the money trail deep into Sydney's underbelly into the territory of big money and bent deals to get himself back in the black.

Torn Apart

Published: December 2010

Semi-retired. De-licensed. But Cliff Hardy is once again fighting for justice and tracking down evil when his cousin is brutally murdered - did the shotgun blast find its target, or was it meant for Hardy?

Deep Water

Published: April 2009

Still reeling from the shock death of his partner, Cliff suffers a heart attack - but this isn't enough to keep him from investigating the disappearance of the father of the woman nursing him back to health.

Open File

Published: March 2008

Cliff Hardy revisits an unsolved case from the 1980s. Twenty years later, can he crack the one that got away?

The Big Score

Published: December 2007

Cliff Hardy has his hands full with murder, blackmail, embezzlement and more in this new collection of short stories.

Appeal Denied

Published: June 2007

Dirty dealings, corrupt cops, computer geeks and a final showdown at an exclusive Sydney beach - is this Cliff Hardy's last adventure?

The Undertow

Published: December 2006

The indefatigable Cliff Hardy helps out an old police mate with an unresolved case, involving dodgy doctors, an illegitimate child and a violent confrontation.

Saving Billie

Published: December 2005

Australia's favourite PI, Cliff Hardy is back in a story set against the backdrop of a Federal election campaign.

Taking Care of Business

Published: December 2004

A fast-paced and entertaining collection of stories featuring Australia's favourite PI, Cliff Hardy.

The Coast Road

Published: June 2004

Peter Corris' latest crime classic sees Private Investigator Cliff Hardy leaving the mean streets of Sydney for the Illawarra escarpment, and a gripping combination of a mysterious death, a missing child and a complex trail of violence and police corruption.

Master's Mates

Published: August 2003

Peter Corris' world weary but always charismatic hero Cliff Hardy has long been established as Australia's favourite investigator. Often bloodied but never bowed in this latest gripping novel, Hardy is in pursuit of missing millions from Sydney to the Pacific Islands.

The Empty Beach

Published: August 2003

Vintage Cliff Hardy, as Australia s favourite private eye finds himself literally fighting for his life in the murky violent underworld of Bondi.

The Winning Side

Published: November 1989

A gripping novel tracing the life of Aboriginal boxer and journalist Charlie Thomas from highly successful Australian writer Peter Corris.

The January Zone

Published: September 1987

In this gripping novel from highly successful Australian crime fiction writer Peter Corris, Cliff Hardy's reluctant status as 'security consultant' to a politician takes him to Washington DC where the threats are real and the rules are different.

The Greenwich Apartments

Published: October 1986

A riveting novel in the Cliff Hardy series from highly successful Australian crime fiction writer, Peter Corris.

Deal Me Out

Published: April 1986

A thrilling novel in the Cliff Hardy series from highly successful Australian crime fiction writer, Peter Corris.

Heroin Annie

Published: March 1984

A collection of gripping short stories in the Cliff Hardy series from highly successful Australian crime fiction writer, Peter Corris.

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