Tim Bowden

Tim Bowden is an acclaimed oral historian, broadcaster, and radio and television documentary maker who, for many years as host of Backchat, was known as the face of the ABC. He is author of many books including the much acclaimed One Crowded Hour: Neil Davis, combat cameraman,The Changi Camera: A unique record of Changi and the Thai-Burma Railway, and the 'Penelope' outback travel series.

Books by Tim Bowden

Larrikins in Khaki

Published: July 2019

From recruitment and training and the battlegrounds of Palestine, North Africa, Thailand, Burma and beyond, here are the highly individual stories of Australia's World War II Diggers told in their own voices - warts and all.

Stubborn Buggers

Published: March 2014

There was a place far worse than Changi - this is the little known story of Singapore's Outram Road and the POWs who endured it.

The Devil in Tim

Published: May 2008

Tim Bowden, one of Australia's best loved travel writers and story tellers, rediscovers his native state - Tasmania - revealing with wry humour and enthusiasm its history and its people.

Down Under in the Top End

Published: May 2008

The intrepid Tim and Ros, with 'Penelope' and 'The Manor' in tow, follow the grey nomad route on the great pilgrimage north. In this latest instalment of his irreverent travel memoirs, Tim and partner Ros 'do' Queensland and the Territory.

Spooling Through

Published: November 2004

A life fully lived from a much-loved Australian told with all the Bowden wit and charm.

This Can't Happen To Me!

Published: July 2004

Weaving practical advice with humorous and inspiring personal stories, Tim Bowden explains everything you need to know about Type 2 diabetes.

Penelope Bungles to Broome

Published: June 2002

A follow-up to Tim Bowden's highly successful Penelope Goes West, this time covering the intriguing adventures of Tim, Ros, Penelope (the car) and The Manor (the caravan) as they travel across the grandeur and spectacle of Broome, the Kimberleys and various points south and west.

Penelope Goes West

Published: May 2000

Tim Bowden loves to go camping, and he has a great interest in Australian history. So both interests came into play when he and his wife Ros travelled in their newly acquired 4WD to Western Australia retracing the steps of the young explorer Edward John Eyre. This is the engrossing story of that trip told with Tim's wry humour and passion.

Antarctica and Back in Sixty Days

Published: July 1999

Tim Bowden's account of his journeys to the Antarctic combine adventure, exploration, social history, human endeavour and humour in the most isolated continent on earth.

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