Mary Beard

Mary Beard is one of the most original and best-known classicists working today. She is professor of Classics at Newnham College, Cambridge, and the Classics editor of the TLS. Her books include The Parthenon, The Colosseum, The Roman Triumph, and the bestselling Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town which won the 2008 Wolfson History Prize and was made into a successful BBC documentary. Her popular TLS blog has been collected in the books It's a Don's Life and All in a Don's Day. Her series Meet the Romans on BBC2 attracted over 2m viewers.

How misogyny in Ancient Rome shaped modern cyberstalking - Mary Beard in discussion with William Dalrymple

Books by Mary Beard

Women & Power

Published: April 2019

A year on from the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the beginnings of #metoo movement Mary Beard revisits the gender agenda with new material on rape, consent and how the discussion has moved on.


Published: June 2018

Companion to the BBC series CIVILISATIONS, screening on SBS from December 2018.

Women and Power

Published: November 2017

Mary Beard's feminist manifesto.


Published: May 2016

Mary Beard on Ancient Rome: Britain's favourite classicist lifts the lid on the Roman Empire.

How to Manage Your Slaves by Marcus Sido

Published: May 2015

An entertaining and amazingly informative guide to the realities of slavery in ancient Rome, with an introduction by Mary Beard.

Confronting the Classics

Published: April 2014

A provocative tour of what is happening now in Classics.

Confronting the Classics

Published: April 2013

Drawing on thirty years of writing about Greek and Roman history, Mary Beard takes us on an exhilarating journey through the extraordinary riches of the classical heritage, and why it still matters.


Published: September 2012

Mary Beard uses the relics buried by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius on AD79 to bring everyday Roman culture alive.

All in a Don's Day

Published: July 2012

Mary Beard's famous blog 'A Don's Life' has been running on the TLS website for nearly five years. Through it she made her name as a wickedly subversive commentator on the world in which we live.

The Colosseum

Published: May 2011

Award winning classicist, Mary Beard with Keith Hopkins, tell the story of Rome's greatest arena

The Parthenon

Published: June 2010

Revised and updated to include the story of the New Acropolis Museum, the controversies that have surrounded it. As so often with the Parthenon, there are all kinds of surprises.

It's a Don's Life

Published: January 2010

Britain's best known classicist speaks her mind on the ancient, and modern, worlds.


Published: September 2009

In this brilliant portrait of the 'life in a Roman town', Mary Beard uses the relics buried by the eruption on AD79 to bring everyday Roman culture alive.'

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