Richard Appignanesi

Richard Appignanesi graduated with a doctorate in classical art history. He was the founder and co-director of the Writers & Readers Publishing Cooperative and Icon Books where he originated the internationally acclaimed Introducing series. His own best-selling titles written for that series include Freud, Postmodernism and Existentialism. He is the author of the fiction trilogy Italia Perversa (Stalin's Orphans, The Mosque and Destroying America) and the recent novel Yukio Mishima's Report to the Emperor. He is currently associate editor of the art and culture journal Third Text and reviews editor of the policy and futures studies journal Futures. He is presently at work on two new explanations of existentialism, Is There Meaning? and The Age of Postculture.

Books by Richard Appignanesi

Introducing Existentialism

Published: August 2013

An erudite investigation of the philosophical and cultural movement that prioritises individual experience.

Introducing Postmodernism

Published: March 2008

An enjoyable, comic-style book on this enigmatic concept that has defined our cultural condition over the past twenty years.

Introducing Freud

Published: March 2008

An enjoyable comic-style book that offers an accessible and imaginative introduction to one of the world's great thinkers.

What do Existentialists Believe?

Published: November 2006

Lively and provocative new introduction to Existentialism

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