Paul Auster

Paul Auster is the best-selling author of Invisible, Man in the Dark, The Brooklyn Follies, The Book of Illusions, and The New York Trilogy, among many other works. In 2006 he was awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature and inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Among his other honours are the Independent Spirit Award forthe screenplay of Smoke and the Prix Medicis Etranger for Leviathan. He has also been short-listed for both the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (The Book of Illusions) and the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction (The Music of Chance). His work has been translated into more than thirty languages. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1970 Paul Auster worked as a merchant seaman on an Esso oil tanker. From 1971 to 1974 he lived in France, spending two years in Paris and one in Provence. After returning to New York in 1974, he began his writing career.

Throughout the 1970s he wrote mainly poetry and essays which appeared in various magazines including the New York Review of Books. During the 1980s he concentrated on prose writing: a memoir and four novels were published.

His screenplay Smoke and Blue in the Face was published in April 1996 to coincide with the release of the film, and in 1999 Faber published the screenplay Lulu on the Bridge. The Art of Hunger (a collection of essays, interviews and prose) and his Selected Poems were published in November 1998.

He is the author of many novels, including The New York Trilogy, In the Country of Last Things, The Invention of Solitude, Moon Palace, The Music of Chance, Leviathan, Mr Vertigo, Timbuktu, The Book of Illusions, Oracle Night and Brooklyn Follies. He also edited the best-selling True Tales of American Life, the NPR National Story Project anthology.

He is married with two children and lives in Brooklyn.

Books by Paul Auster

Here and Now

Published: April 2022

Here and Now is a collection of letters between Paul Auster and Nobel laureate J. M. Coetzee, two of the greatest writers of our time.

Burning Boy

Published: January 2022

A major re-assessment of the genius of Stephen Crane - best known for The Red Badge of Courage.

Collected Screenplays

Published: April 2020

Collected Screenplays brings together the film work of Paul Auster.

Collected Poems

Published: October 2018

Paul Auster's Collected Poems is a stunning collection of poetry and writings by one of the most intriguing and accomplished voices in contemporary literature - now in paperback.

4 3 2 1

Published: September 2017

Shortlisted 2017 Man Booker Prize: Paul Auster's first novel in seven years - his greatest, most provocative, most heartbreaking and most satisfying work.

Collected Novels Volume Four

Published: March 2016

The latest collectable edition of Paul Auster's fiction.

The New York Trilogy

Published: June 2015

Experience the wonder of the written word from some of the greatest writers of the modern age, with Faber Modern Classics.

Report from the Interior

Published: December 2014

Paul Auster's most intimate autobiographical work to date.

Collected Prose

Published: March 2014

Paul Auster's Collected Prose is an essential collection from one of the finest thinkers and stylists in contemporary letters.

Winter Journal

Published: November 2013

Paul Auster's unforgettable account of the abandonment of his family by his father, told from the point of view of his mother.

Here and Now

Published: May 2013

A collection of letters between two of the greatest writers of our time, Paul Auster and J.M. Coetzee.

The Invention of Solitude

Published: September 2012

Paul Auster's very personal meditation on fatherhood.

Winter Journal

Published: September 2012

Paul Auster's unforgettable account of the abandonment of his family by his father, told from the point of view of his mother.

Sunset Park

Published: August 2011

A compelling story of love and forgiveness, from the bestselling author of The Brooklyn Follies.


Published: July 2011

A compelling, brilliant novel - an astonishingly original work of fiction.

Oracle Night

Published: July 2011

The discovery of a mysterious notebook turns a man's life upside-down in this compulsively readable novel.

The Book of Illusions

Published: July 2011

Written with breath-taking urgency and precision, this stunning novel plunges the reader into a universe in which the comic and the tragedy, the real and the imagined, the violent and the tender dissolve into one another.

The Brooklyn Follies

Published: July 2011

Infused with character, mystery and humour, these lives intertwine and become bound together as Auster brilliantly explores the wider terrain of contemporary America - a crucible of broken dreams and of human folly.

The New York Trilogy

Published: July 2011

Paul Auster's stunning debut novel, now in an arresting new look!


Published: September 2010

The coming-of-age story dazzlingly reinvented by one of America's greatest novelists, in his most passionate and surprising book to date.

Auggie Wren's Christmas Story

Published: December 2009

An illustrated Christmas gift book edition of a classic tale.

Man in the Dark

Published: August 2009

A devastating novel about the many realities we inhabit as wars flame all around us.

Collected Novels Volume 3

Published: November 2008

In the continuing series, Collected Novels, Volume Three brings together four more of Paul Auster's hugely influential novels.


Published: March 2008

Meet Mr Bones, canine sidekick to the brilliant but troubled Willy G. Christmas.

Inner Life of Martin Frost

Published: November 2007

Brilliant screenplay based on The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster.

Travels in the Scriptorium

Published: November 2006

Who is he? What is he doing here? When did he arrive and how long will he remain? With any luck, time will tell us all .

The Music of Chance

Published: April 2006

'By the time Nashe understood what was happening to him, he was past the point of wanting it to end.'

Mr Vertigo

Published: April 2006

A dazzling and picaresque novel.

Collected Novels Volume 2

Published: March 2006

In the continuing series, Collected Novels, Volume Two brings together three more of Paul Auster's hugely influential novels

In the Country of Last Things

Published: July 2005

Paul Auster takes us to an unspecified and devastated world in which the self disappears amidst horrors that surround us.

True Tales of American Life

Published: July 2005

True Tales of American Life is a collection derived from a project launched by Paul Auster on US National Public Radio.

Hand to Mouth

Published: July 2005

Moon Palace

Published: July 2005

Against the mythical dreamscape of America, Auster brilliantly weaves the bizarre narrative of Marco Stanley Fogg, an orphan searching for love, his father, and the key to the riddle of his origin and fate.

City of Glass

Published: July 2005

Paul Auster's spin on the detective story has been given a unique and unexpected new life.

The Red Notebook

Published: July 2005

In this acrobatic and virtuosic collection, Paul Auster traces the compulsion to make literature.

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