Mark Aitken

Mark Aitken lives in the Hunter Valley with his partner and baby son. As well as writing fiction, he makes his living as a ghostwriter, freelance journalist and public relations consultant. Mark is the author of Arctic Floor and Strikeforce Lightning.

Books by Mark Aitken

Strikeforce Lightning

Published: January 2014

An adrenalin charged, high-concept thriller in the mould of Matthew Reilly and John Birmingham featuring ex-US special forces hero, Gerry Gallen, as he battles to avert a catastrophic thermonuclear strike.

Arctic Floor

Published: August 2012

Ex-US Marine hero, Gerry Galen is caught in the middle of a lethal international battle for control of the Arctic's massive oil deposits in a high-octane new thriller guaranteed to get your heart racing - move over Matthew Reilly.

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