Graham Allcott

Graham Allcott is a productivity trainer and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of Think Productive, a company that runs productivity workshops and training throughout the UK and North America, whose clients include the British Library, the National Trust, the Cabinet Office, British Airways, BT and eBay. He lives in Brighton. Despite an intolerance of failure elsewhere in his life, he is an Aston Villa season ticket holder.

Books by Graham Allcott

How to Fix Meetings

Published: July 2021

Zoom fatigue? Calendar full of meetings that could just be an email? Online and offline, too much valuable time is wasted in meetings. Often little advance planning takes place, resulting in productivity drains rather than productivity gains.

How to Have the Energy

Published: March 2021

The complete guide to eating for everyday energy.

Work Fuel

Published: April 2019

The busy person's guide to eating well - boost performance, improve focus and eat your way to success.

How to be a Productivity Ninja

Published: February 2019

A completely revised and updated edition of the bestselling productivity guide.

A Practical Guide to Productivity

Published: March 2018

An Introducing Practical Guide showing you how to decrease stress and increase efficiency.

How to be a Study Ninja

Published: August 2017

A fun, accessible and practical guide on how to get the most out of your studying and love the quest for knowledge again.

Get Your Inbox Down to Zero

Published: February 2016

Is your inbox overloaded? Feel like your email is controlling your life? You need the ninja way of email management!

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