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Geoff Aigner is the Director of Social Leadership Australia. He is responsible for providing strategic direction for Social Leadership Australia inits mission to create better leadership for a better Australia. He has a rare combination of hands-on experience in senior leadership roles and a deep understanding of change and leadership theory and practice.

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He is the author of Leadership Beyond Good Intentions: What It Takes to Really Make a Difference (2011) and co-author, with Liz Skelton of The Australian Leadership Paradox: What It Takes To Lead In The Lucky Country.
Geoff began his career working for a Norwegian shipping line based in Australia and Norway. After completing an MBA and developing an interest in leadership and change, he moved to a role in the strategic change practice at Pricewaterhouse Coopers Consulting. After several years of pro bono work with Social Leadership Australia, Geoff joined the team 2007. Prior to that, he was General Manager at the consulting services company, Lee Hecht Harrison.


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Books by Geoff Aigner

The Australian Leadership Paradox

Published: August 2013

Why are Australian leaders so reluctant to acknowledge the power they have and unsure what to do with it? Australian Leadership Paradox claims Australians have a serious problem with leadership. It explains the cultural roots of this problem, and ways we can become more purposeful leaders.

Leadership Beyond Good Intentions

Published: June 2011

How can we help change things for the better as a manager? Experienced leader and trainer Geoff Aigner shows how leaders can find compassionate ways of facilitating change in their organisations.