Beth Ain

Beth Ain currently lives just outside New York City with her husband and seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. For years, writing under the pseudonym "Beth Beechwood", Beth adapted successful Disney sitcoms into bestselling novelisations. She is also the author of The Revolution of Sabine, a historical coming-of-age novel that takes place in Paris. Before that, she first edited and then wrote for the commercially and critically acclaimed 'Dear America' series. She was also an American editor of the Chicken House imprint at Scholastic.

Books by Beth Ain

Starring Jules (Super-Secret Spy Girl)

Published: August 2014

In this third hilarious chapter book about Jules Bloom, Jules has to be brave about her role in a movie -- especially in the face of Emma Saxony, who turns out to be a not-so-nice teen megastar!

Starring Jules (In Drama-rama)

Published: August 2013

In this second hilarious chapter book about eight-year-old Jules Bloom, Jules has to navigate complicated friendships and spine-tingling stage fright as her star finally begins to rise.

Starring Jules (As Herself)

Published: February 2013

A hilarious chapter book that follows the charming Jules Bloom as she navigates big city adventures (including an Opportunity of a Lifetime) and the universal trials and tribulations of turning eight.

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